Media Outreach

Nov 2019         Featured in “Dino Trails, Season 2” documentary, Brandy Y Productions.  Air date November 5, 2019.

Oct 2019          American Birding Podcast interview on Bird Glamour, American Birding    Association. Air date October 31, 2019.

Sep 2019         Interview on Quirks and Quarks with Bob MacDonald, “Searching for    dinosaurs in BC’s Rockies and finding grizzlies.”

Oct 2017         Bird Glamour featured on the Audubon Society’s culture page for the Bohemian Waxwing makeup tutorial.

Sep 2017          Featured in “The Dinosaur Echo,” CBC’s Absolutely Canadian, air date September 9, 2017.

Aug 2017         Featured in “Still Standing: Tumbler Ridge,” comedy program featuring recovering communities on CBC TV.

Aug 2017         “Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre receive Canada 150 Funding.”

Mar 2017         Featured in “Dino Trails” documentary, Telus Optik, Brandy Y Productions. Air date March 13, 2017.

Oct 2016          Featured in “Six Peaks Dinosaur Track Site” on Above Tumbler Ridge: the Peace Region Palaeontology Research Centre’s work on a large-scale dinosaur footprint surface in northeastern British Columbia.

Feb 2016          Interview on Quirks and Quarks (Bob MacDonald), “Dinosaurs might have danced for mates”.

Feb 2015          History Channel Canada series “Dino Hunt Canada”, Episodes 2 (Cutler’s Cave and Flying Dinosaurs) and 3 (The Dawn of the Dinosaurs).!/

Jan 2015          “A Dino Hunt in Canada, an interview with palaeontologist Lisa Buckley,” interview with Kris Abel for “What She Said!” Air date January 21, 2015.

Jan–Feb 2012   Article in Canadian Geographic Magazine January-February 2012: “Buried Treasure (author Leslie Anthony, photographer Marina Dodis), featuring exploration for dinosaurs in northeast British Columbia.

Jan–Feb 2012  Video interview for Canadian Magazine January–February 2012: “Buried Treasure” (filmographer Marina Dodis), on palaeontology exploration of remote wilderness localities in northeast British Columbia.

Jan 2012           Interviewed for “Science rewrites the book on building a better dinosaur” (author Ed Struzik), Edmonton Journal, January 15, 2012.

2011                  Interview for the cover story in BC Magazine, Spring 2011: “Dinosaur Detectives” (author Daniel Wood), featuring excavation of BC’s most complete dinosaur skeleton.

May 2010         Interviewed for Moose FM, Fort St. John radio interview “Issues and Answers”, discussing the Fossil Management Framework in British Columbia.

Jun 2008          C-PAC interview addressing fossil vandalism and the need for provincial level legislative protection for British Columbia’s fossil resources. Aired June 29.

Jan 2005           Knowledge Network Program “The Leading Edge” on Tumbler Ridge dinosaur tracks and excavations.

Sep 2003           Discovery Channel Program “Daily Planet” on Tumbler Ridge Dinosaur tracks and bones, air date September 8, 2003.