Paleontology Consulting


“What fossil resources could potentially be impacted by this activity?”

“We have uncovered a fossil. What’s next?”

With over three decades of experience in paleontological field-based surveys, our team has worked extensively with industrial projects to produce best-fit paleontology impact assessments and mitigation strategies.

From desktop analyses to on-site workshops and orientations, our hundreds of hours of field survey experience, partnered with our strong academic and educational outreach background, ensure that your project will have thorough, up-to-date, and actionable information for fossil heritage management.

Visit the Contact page to request details for your fossil heritage/paleontological heritage impact assessments:

  • coal tenures
  • oil and gas tenures
  • wind farm construction
  • road construction

I am also available for consultation on paleontology themes related to:

  • Tourism and marketing materials
  • Educational program development
  • Media releases

Please visit the Contacts page to request more information on availability and rates.